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New Providence Zoning Ordinance Signed
Samantha Lavien | ABC 6 News


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Re-imagine, re-define and re-vitalize... those are the three major goals behind the city of Providence's new zoning ordinance...

"We are trying to streamline and modernize and make it easier for people,” said Providence Mayor Angel Taveras.

The document signed into law Monday is the first complete zoning overhaul since 1951.

"This is really an ordinance that was tailored specifically to Providence because it's a unique place. It's a place that has character. We don't want to lose that through the regulations we want to try to enforce that,” said Bob Azar the Director of Current Planning in Providence.

Among other things, the re-write creates overlay districts which target specific needs within the city.

"One example is a transit oriented development district where we have a lot of transit investments taking place. That's where we are going to allow some increased density and reduced parking to kind of support that transit investment,” said Bonnie Nickerson, the Director of Long-term Planning in Providence.

Parking requirements are one of the biggest changes.

"We've taken away the requirement to dedicate a third or more of your lot to parking so that hopefully that can grow and develop a more significant development,” said Nickerson.

The overall goal is to simplify zoning and make economic growth and development easier to accomplish.

"The hope of all of this is that people will find it easier to use and easier to understand,” said Taveras.

The City Council approved the ordinance on November 24. The re-write is the first general amendment since 1994.