TRA and inmotion Brings Wi-Fi to the MBTA

[Renderings via Hines.]

TRA has successfully negotiated a long-term license agreement to expand and improve both the availability and the quality of the current Wi-Fi service on the MBTA Commuter Rail and Ferry Boats. The state-of-the-art standards will enhance the ridership experience throughout the system and also provide Wi-Fi service to the South Station, North Station and Bay Back commuter facilities.

As reported in Boston Magazine, the MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott stated “This is a very exciting time for our Commuter Rail system. While the introduction of new locomotives and new coaches will continue to improve on-time performance rates, customer service initiatives like Wi-Fi and e-ticketing make the overall commuting experience an even better one.”

The provider is a high speed broadband “dedicated” wireless network provider focused exclusively on the transportation industry. The provider’s management team has deployed nationwide networks including Airfone, In-Flight Phone and USA Today’s skyRadio. InMotion has developed an innovative broadband wireless solution to address critical technical needs for commuter rail systems.

[Renderings via Hines.]

Broadband access on board commuter trains, ferry boats, and select stations will include live television broadcasts, web browsing, and commuter focused multi-media applications such as live train tracker enhanced with train speed/next station arrival times, local community event happenings, what to do in Boston app, magazine readers, custom orders for pick-up of food and amenities, coupons, TMedia, a social media channel dedicated to the commuters, MyStop, a real time destination alarm application, TShare, a car/taxi ride share only for commuters traveling on the train or ferry boat, and other helpful and focused features. Access for standard Wi-Fi services will be free of charge to the MBTA customers, with a premium package which allows for streaming internet service available for a fee.

Broadband access will be provided to the MBTA via a dedicated, trackside high-speed radio network at no cost to them MBTA. Construction of the network is projected to take 18 months. Let TRA handle your Wi-Fi needs. Contact Fran DeCoste for more information at or 617.502.1410.