Telecommunications & Utilities Leasing and Licensing

Generating new revenue from compatible uses of real estate.

The telecommunications and utility industries are unique opportunities for land and building owners seeking to create ancillary income from their assets. Whether a building is suited for a rooftop cell site or a right of way is available for utility or telecom installations, TRA can help create strategies to capitalize on this revenue source. The recent explosion in smart phone and tablet use has placed enormous pressure on telecommunications companies to expand capacity. New technologies for cell antennas offer numerous opportunities for property owners to play an important role in the expansion of service providers' capabilities.

Large property and right of way owners benefit from having a rational rate setting methodology based upon a real estate model and fair market value. Whether updating an existing license portfolio to current market based terms and conditions, or setting up a new licensing program, TRA can design a program that meets the requirements of Federal and state law and regulations, and obtains a fair return for use of property for telecommunications and utility installations.


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