Solicitation Management

Creating successful solicitations and winning proposals.

TRA has a strong background representing both public agencies in developing their public offerings and in guiding private entities in effective responses to such offers. We have a track record of success on both sides of the transaction equation. 

We successfully assist public agencies in crafting clear and marketable public solicitation documents that are well received by the target bidding community. We also use our knowledge of public sector needs and goals to serve private firms in preparing effective proposal responses. We are adept at understanding complex multi-faceted solicitations and preparing clear and complete responses.


Solicitation services:


Team development
Check Team building and coordination
Check M/W/DBE identification
Proposal preparation
Check Detailed analysis of solicitation requirements
Check Preparation of proposal document
Check Legal requirements and forms
Check Graphic design, final production and delivery
Check Representation in negotiations

Development of solicitation documents
Check Drafting of public bid documents
Check Preparation of model legal documents
Check Creating the marketing/bidding strategy
Management of process
Check Quality Control
Check Regulatory and policy compliance
Check Pre-bid meetings/Site visits
Check Legal notices and advertisements
Check Review and analysis of proposals
Check Technical consultation with review committee


Check Print and Internet Advertising
Check Industry outreach
Check Bid list development


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