Right of Way/ Eminent Domain

Providing solutions for real estate corridors.

TRA brings a thorough understanding of the specialized regulatory issues and title related to right of way. Our right of way experience includes transit, railroad, highway, and waterway. We have developed methodologies and databases for efficient management of and revenue generation from this unique property type.

TRA provides acquisition services for eminent domain takings in accordance with the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Assistance Act. Let our experienced negotiators help you meet the requirements of the law and achieve the best price.


TRA offers the following ROW Services:

http://tradvisors.com/images/check.gif Eminent Domain 
http://tradvisors.com/images/check.gif Encroachment Analysis 
http://www.trabrokerage.com/images/check.gif Leasing/Licensing for Compatible Uses
http://www.trabrokerage.com/images/check.gif Abutter Relations 
http://www.trabrokerage.com/images/check.gif Tenant Management
http://www.trabrokerage.com/images/check.gif GIS/Database Development 
http://www.trabrokerage.com/images/check.gif Disposition of Surplus Property


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