Green Initiatives

Supporting your sustainability goals.

TRA can assist clients with initiatives designed to meet your "Green" goals. In addition to applying sustainable principles to the projects we work on for our clients, TRA conducts its business and maintains its work environment according to green principles and encourages employees to use transit in their commute and in business travel.

Alternative energy projects
Consider exploring an alternative energy projects for brownfields sites, large rooftops, or other facilities. TRA can assist in procuring energy through on-site solar or wind projects. 

Transit oriented development

Transit oriented development is higher density, mixed-use development that promotes walkability, access to public transit, and sustainability. TRA has dedicated itself to facilitating cutting-edge transit oriented development projects. Whether you're a transit agency or municipality intent on developing a TOD program with real results, or a private property owner seeking to increase the value of your holdings, TRA has the tools, experience and know-how to achieve your goals. With over 50 completed TOD transactions, our unique expertise can help you evaluate your property, prepare possible development scenarios and analyze feasibility. As a National Steering Committee Member of Rail~Volution, TRA is a leader in helping its public and private clients realize their TOD goals.


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