Market Studies & Financial Feasibility Analysis

Answering the critical questions.

The key ingredients for successful development are having a clear understanding of the market, costs, and revenue potential for any particular use. TRA offers market and financial feasibility analysis for all types of real estate development. 

For public sector clients who want to lease or sell surplus land, TRA performs analysis of the relevant markets to define minimum deal terms. We establish a range of values, in order to define revenue expectations for decision makers. Also, for larger scale development and master planning efforts, we work with urban planners and designers on evaluating alternatives for development within the selected area of interest. Our analysis includes potential income streams given market conditions and product types, including the costs and potential income from requisite parking serving development.

For private sector clients, we work with designers in defining project alternatives and prepare realistic pro forma based upon the demand for different mixes of product types in conjunction with related parking needs. We can provide an evaluation of "gap financing" - i.e. how much would the public sector need to contribute to infrastructure or parking costs in order to make a project feasible.

Based on our extensive experience with Transit Oriented Development, we also can help a prospective developer, landlord, public agency or municipality understand the economic impact of an existing or proposed transit service. TRA's experience with real estate markets and economics help our clients plan for successful projects.

Feasibility services

TRA has provided market studies and financial feasibility for a wide variety of projects:

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