Database & GIS

Managing information with cost efficient customized solutions.
Useful cost effective tools are necessary for the efficient management of real estate. Imagine inspecting a property, referring to the original agreement and plan, taking photographs, completing the inspection form, and sending an email letter to the tenant all while standing inside using your mobile device. TRA has developed these useful web-based tools for its clients and for its own use.

Imagine having all your plans, photos, deeds, and other property related information in one user friendly web-based GIS database. TRA developed LandTracker™ to enable personnel of all ability levels to access a database of consistent up-to-date property use and ownership information. This cost-effective system customizes off-the-shelf software to meet each client's needs. TRA's real estate experts assess the client's needs and analyze critical data not normally understood by the typical GIS programming vendor. 

TRA's team of real estate and technical professionals can develop cost-effective, customized systems to meet your organization's unique needs.


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