Development Advisory Services

Providing guidance and expertise to support your development project.

Owner's representation and team building
For public property owners, TRA can represent your interests in negotiating with private developers on an even playing field. Let our seasoned professionals represent your interests and help you and your private development partners communicate more effectively and understand each other's needs. 



For private developers and property owners, TRA can help you build a team and write a winning proposal to respond to public offerings for development opportunities. In particular, TRA's experience with transit oriented development can help you work with the public sector to achieve a sustainable and feasible project.  With our proven experience in Transit Oriented Development, we can help you navigate the complexities of building on or near an active transit system. 


Re-positioning property for development
Some assets need to be looked at differently. Developing an intelligent repositioning strategy is an effective means of maximizing the future returns of an asset. The principals and senior staff of TRA are development professionals who are experts in realizing the highest value of a property.


Design and use guidelines
Public solicitation for development projects often includes general guidance on how the project will look and what uses will be permitted (or excluded) on the site. As development professionals who are familiar with operating in the public environment, TRA understands that development in the public realm needs to be sensitive to the community in which it takes place. At the same time, we help ensure that design and use guidelines are practical and realistic so that the proposed development is financially feasible and attractive to private developers. TRA works with design and planning professionals, public agencies, and community groups to facilitate the creation of feasible development guidelines.


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