Asset Scans

Discovering the hidden value of your real estate assets.

Have you ever wondered what potential value may be hiding in your real estate portfolio? What is involved in setting up an asset management program where none currently exists? TRA is adept at performing asset scans to evaluate, identify, and prioritize opportunities, and will make recommendations on whether and how to proceed to set up a revenue generating/cost savings program.

Large landowners often don't have the information required to understand what they own and how they can capitalize on the value of their real property assets. TRA's experienced professionals will analyze your property holdings in the context of current market conditions, the regulatory environment in which you operate, current policies and procedures, and identify opportunities and constraints.


In addition to scanning for real estate opportunities, TRA's has relationships with national financial services and engineering firms, and can team to perform a comprehensive asset scan that covers all asset classes including operating and maintenance programs to avoid or reduce costs. 


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